Regarding to Me

Dentist Adem Can Karaçor was born in 1988 in Adana. He completed his primary and secondary education in Adana and graduated from Çukurova University Faculty of Dentistry in 2011.
Digital Smile Design branch of Aesthetic Dentistry, Jaw Joint Treatments, Endodontics and Implantology are his professional interests.

Work Experiences:
2011 – 2014: White Tooth Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic
2014 – 2015: Cyprus 28th Mechanized Infantry Division
2015 – 2018: Galip Gürel Dental Clinic
2018 – Present: Adem Can Karaçor Dental Clinic

Trainings Received:

In 2011:
– Professor Dr. Hüseyin Nazlıkul in Istanbul, he received
Neural Therapy training from, and by using the Neural Therapy approach for the removal of amalgam fillings and patients with migraine.
In 2012:
– He became the youngest dentist to be a member of the Association of Aesthetic Dentistry Academy (EDAD).

In 2013:
– He received training on “Composite Restorations” from Professor Dr. Lorenzo Vanini in Italy.

In 2015:
– He received Digital Smile Design training from Dr. Christian Coachman in Istanbul.

In 2016:
– He participate in the International Microvision Congress in Dubai.
– Cereceda Ortho Trainer training in Germany,
– Sirona Cerec education in Turkey
– He also have received training in 3D modeling and 3D Printing.

In 2017:
– In Romania, “RAW-Digital Dentistry” by Dr. Florin Cofar and his team
– in Brazil Digital Smile Design Residency Module 2 training from Dr.Christian Coachman and his team,
– In Spain, he received training on DSD-3D from Dr. Luken de Arbeloa, and – Portrait Photography from different photographers.
– In Spain, he participated in FACE (Functional And Cosmetic Excellence) trainings of Prof.Dr.Domingo Martin and his team on Joint Disorders and Occlusion.

In 2018:
– In Spain, he was trained in BioEsthetic Dentistry from Prof.Dr. Domingo Martin and Dr. Maria Jesus.
– In Teşvikiye he started to provide services in his own office in Vital Fulya Plaza.
* He also makes presentations to his colleagues on “Photography in Dentistry” and “Composite Restorations in Dentistry”.
* He is a member of Turkish Dentists Association, Aesthetic Dentistry Academy Association, Istanbul Dentists Chamber and National Geographic Society.
* He closely follows the congresses and symposiums both domestic and abroad.
* During his university years, he received classical guitar and nay trainings for a short time, and then started his personal home recording with his meeting with the clarinet.
* Among the arts and sports, he is interested in photography, illusion, 3D modeling, table tennis, swimming, pencil and calligraphy as an amateur.
* Currently, he continues his dentistry studies in the field of Digital Smile Design of Aesthetic Dentistry, Jaw Joint Treatments, Endodontics and Implantology.